Kwita Izina (Gorilla Naming)

The Rwandan culture has always held the naming ceremony of a newborn baby as one of the important phases of a baby. Through the Rwanda Development Board, the Government of Rwanda adopted the same culture to ensure that the country’s Mountain Gorillas are given a similar recognition through the well-renowned “Kwita Izina”.

Since 2005, the Kwita Izina ceremony is held annually to celebrate newly born gorillas and accord them unique names both for their identity and for the purpose of creating awareness of conservation efforts of the endangered species across the world.

The annual ceremony is always held in Kinigi, Volcanoes National Park and it always brings together thousands of local, regional and international guests to support the growing tourism industry in Rwanda as well as the government’s conservation efforts of the mountain gorillas.

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Tour of Rwanda

Rwanda is the proud host of Africa's Greatest Cycling Race, commonly known as “Tour du Rwanda”.

Eritrean Biniam Girmay takes stage five as Kudus retains the yellow jersey

Eritrean Biniam Girmay takes stage five as Kudus retains the yellow jersey. Photo courtesy of


Initially, Tour du Rwanda was a regional cycling race that brought together Rwandan riders and others from neighboring Burundi, Tanzania, and Uganda. With time though, the race has attracted other countries across the continent, emerging among the leading (top 3) of racing cycling organizations on the African continent.

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Kigali International Marathon

The Kigali Night Run

The Kigali Night Run. Photo courtesy of


Walk, run, run for a bit longer, watch… whatever you choose. This yearly marathon, half marathon, and fun run is open to everyone and it’s a great way to see Kigali and to truly experience the hills – experience them in a way that might kill your legs.

Every year, the marathon attracts participants under the different categories; full marathon, half marathon, and run for fun. It’s a popular event and a great day spent cheering on friends that are participating or getting a bit of running in. The 15th Edition of Kigali International Peace Marathon will be staged on June 16th, 2019.

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Traditional Dancers


This pan-African dance festival is held in Rwanda every two years to display Rwanda’s dances to both locals and tourists within the country.

The dance festival was initiated by the African Union (AU) which then entrusted Rwanda to coordinate all activities with a sole aim of promoting peace and culture through African dances.

Previously, the 10th edition of the dance festival was held in July 2018 and it attracted cultural products exhibition and traditional dance performances by participants from different parts of Africa.

Umuganda (Public Cleaning) Day

Masaka Umuganda November 2012

Masaka Umuganda November 2012. Photo courtesy of


Every last Saturday of the month, all Rwandans at national level take part in a country-wide community service between 08:00am and 11:00am that is facilitated with a bad on road traffic across the country.

Locals in different communities may engage in activities like cleaning, road clearing, tree planting, construction work (especially for less privileged), or any other environmental work.

Traditionally, the Rwandan culture allowed community members to call upon their family, friends and neighbors to help them complete a difficult task and from this, the Umuganda idea was developed.

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