Kigali recently unveiled its first double decker sightseeing tour bus. The tour bus is the latest addition in the effort to make Rwanda a premier tourist destination in Eastern Africa.  The bus was unveiled by Kigali City Tour Ltd, Rwanda Development Board, and the City of Kigali and has three tours dubbed” Old Kigali”, “New Kigali” and “Kigali night life”.

The tour bus has the capacity to of 200 tourists through sites that showcase Kigali’s history, Kigali’s contemporary sites and Kigali’s night life.  

One of the most frequent questions that business people from Kenya and other East African countries ask is “what are the business opportunities in Rwanda?” The reason is because in the last ten years or so, there are many positive and uplifting stories coming out of Rwanda, one after the other.

Having transformed itself from a tiny war torn country to become one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, one can only assume that there are many things going right in Rwanda. For a business person or corporate organization that thrives by seizing opportunities, Rwanda is the perfect place on which to train his or her business sights.

With that in mind, what are the possibilities that a business person or corporate organization look at today?

  • Increased business footprint: A fast growing economy such as Rwanda’s results in higher purchasing power for a rapidly increasing middle class. A simple visit to Kigali will reveal the proliferation of various international brands doing booming business. Usually, this is a good indicator of expected good economic times ahead
  • Partnerships: Whatever business you are engaged in, there is someone else in Rwanda doing the same, and that you could work with to both get better rewards for your entrepreneurial efforts

As a business that benefits from the hospitality and goodwill of the Rwandese community, we have an obligation to give back to the people in the areas where we operate. We have come up with various programs that already have an impact and whose reach and scope we wish to increase as we grow.

They include:

1. Giving employment opportunities to underprivileged people that have the skills and drive necessary to make a difference
2. Benefiting the communities where we hold our events through identifying and providing an essential service such as a free medical camp
3. Identifying talent during golf events and offering sponsorship for golf caddies education
4. Encouraging our business partners to pool in with us to provide various social agenda such as sponsoring local sports events for the youth

There is no doubt that as the world rapidly turns into a “global village”, travel time between points on the globe has and continues to shorten by the day. Today, it is possible for a group of students to:

  • Have their Friday breakfast in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Hop on 2 hours flight to Kigali, Rwanda in time for lunch
  • Spend two days on excursions around the country
  • Hop on a 2 hours return flight on Sunday evening
  • Be in class on Monday morning writing up an essay on the things they learnt

We help plan simple yet effective school trips that enlighten students on important and unique area in history, geography, science, art and culture and other subjects that only Rwanda can provide.

In Africa, Rwanda is recognized as a country that has learnt its lessons the hard way. These lessons range from societal integration, responsible journalism, good governance, citizen self-regulation, responsibility for the environment among others. Students, politicians, policy makers, religious, community and opinion leaders would all benefit from benchmarking trips to hear wisdom that the Rwandese have to share.