Who we are

REGIONAL LINKS EAST AFRICA LIMITED is an events management and related services company that is based in Kigali, Rwanda. The company was formed with the objective of marketing Rwanda as a premier destination in the East African region, with a special appeal for activities such as:

  • Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE)
  • Team building & Corporate retreats
  • Social Group retreats
  • Social responsibility public events
  • Corporate events & Product launches
  • Concerts & shows
  • Themed events
  • Golf & other sports events
  • Destination management
  • Networking events
  • Benchmarking
  • Cultural and ecotourism

We also provide management consultancy, corporate information service, office administrative service and general errand running especially for corporates that have no manpower in Rwanda.

Our approach to business is hands-on and customized specifically for each individual. The reason is because we understand that each person’s needs are different and each requires its own unique approach. Wherever possible, we tailor-make an event or a services so that it may not only fulfil a client’s requirement, but also provide the satisfaction that guarantees that our job is well done.

Our services include:

  • Listening to our prospective clients and helping them to identify their needs and together, arranging appropriate solutions
  • Serving as an intermediary between our clients and various entities
  • Helping corporates based outside Rwanda that want a presence in the country but have no personnel resources inside the country
  • Arranging golf events for people outside the country and helping them explore business opportunities in the country
  • Identifying groups outside the country and designing themed events for them in Rwanda
  • Helping individuals outside the country to visit the country and explore various opportunities

Our target market comprises of clients in Rwanda and those based in other countries such as Kenya and other East African countries. We also cater to tourists and clients from further destinations such as Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

Our target market includes:

  • Businesses
  • NGOs
  • Schools
  • Government institutions
  • Churches
  • Golf clubs
  • Individuals

Our Vision

To be the premier events management company in East Africa with a strong reputation for quality client services and innovative solutions.
Our vision is to help thousands of East Africans conduct business and experience tourism resources in the region.

Code of Ethics

• To adhere to professional standards of conduct in all our dealings with our clients
• To fulfill the needs of our clients to the best of our abilities
• To conduct our business so as to be judged above reproach by our customers and the countries where we do business


Core Values

• Quality: We take pride in providing high quality services
• Environmental Stewardship: We educate and empower our staff and clients to utilize best management practices to improve the company’s environmental impact
• Safety First: We make the well-being of our staff and clients our top priority by nurturing a culture of safety
• Customer Is King: We have built an agile, responsive culture that focuses on our client’s needs
• Passion: Our passion is to bring new, innovative and sustainable ideas to our clients
• Integrity, Honesty and Trust: We are committed to upholding high ethical standards in all we do. We lead by example, act responsibly to make a positive contribution to our communities
• Right People, Right Job: We create exciting opportunities for our employees, clients and communities by growing intelligently, and providing collaborative and creative environments
• Teamwork: We deliver a consistent, quality service, sharing knowledge across the nation and capturing valuable perspective

These guiding principles are a reflection of the good old fashioned values of hard work, dedication, consistency & trust which we have based our business on. When we add our expertise, careful planning, and a ‘can-do’ attitude, we believe we have created a very strong and appealing business model. This is the reason why, we at Regional Links East Africa Limited invite you to enjoy your event with us as your trusted partner.

Our partners